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Dale Fior

Sales Associate
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The Seller:Buyer Ratio is one of the barometers most frequently used by professional housing market analysts and very professional real estate brokers. This relationship is expressed as a ratio between the number of home sellers with a home to sell, compared to the number of buyers who have contracted to purchase a home during a given month. So, a ratio of 10:1 would indicate there to be 10 sellers for every 1 home buyer, thus indicating an oversupplied market condition, and certainly not the case in DTJC at the moment. Conversely, a ratio of 1:1 would indicate a buyer for every home on the market, thus indicating strong market demand, quick marketing times and declining unsold inventory. Significant changes in this ratio typically provide an early warning of changing market conditions.

For September 2016 the Seller to Buyer Ratio in DTJC is 2:1, meaning there are two sellers for every buyer in the marketplace which is where is has been for most of the year. In April, May, and June of this year the Seller to Buyer ratio reached a 1:1 ratio, indicating the strongest market conditions of the year. Currently, there are 136 Active Properties on the market in DTJC in all categories. The lowest point of inventory this year was 87 properties on the market, showing a slight rise in inventory currently. Nevertheless, still very strong market conditions rule DTJC.

The marketing approach of Halstead Property which reaches well beyond the local market with the most exclusive branding for homeowners has been achieving these same kinds of results time and time again all over DTJC this year. We are a highly experienced and strategic team that recognizes the singular quality of each listing and treat each client’s listing with a customized approach and an individualized marketing plan that targets the right markets for the property’s individual strengths. But not only that, our marketing outreach at Halstead targets markets locally and globally. It doesn’t get much better than that!

If you are thinking of selling, and want a high degree of professionalism give us a call for a market analysis evaluation and a customized marketing program that will bring more visibility to your property, and as a result, more money in your pocket. We are here to assist you with uncompromised commitment.

Posted to Market Snapshot on Friday, October 14, 2016 at 3:23:02 PM